Come with Me and You Will See

My desire is to take you into my world of music. I want you to experience my feelings, my thoughts, and my fulfillment. 

I realized my tremendous feelings for music as a teenager. I played records in my room and danced until I collapsed. My mind pondered, what did the songs that I like have in common?  I wondered if my love came from the beat of the music or the sound of the instruments. Maybe my enjoyment came from the words of the songs. 

The songs that I liked did not show a pattern or a specific genre. I listened to current hit songs, music that mom and dad danced to long ago, and songs on albums that did not make it to the radio. Still, there was no pattern.  I listened to music without words and words without music; yet there was no answer. 

My freshman year in college, I took a class entitled, “Music Appreciation.”  It was in that class that I realized what drew me to music. As I listened to 18th century classical music, I became more familiar with what I enjoyed. I heard a symphony. My ears listened to dramatic music that left me longing to hear more.  Listening to chamber music is not what I envisioned myself enjoying but, it was just what my soul needed. 

As I became more cognizant of what I loved about music, the instruments came to life. When the violins played, I swung my body from side to side as if I were the instrument itself. The wind section made me feel as if I were deep in the forest as free as a bird flying from tree to tree. Drummers were amazing to me as I tapped my foot on the floor with the beat. The drums expressed themselves like Indians doing a rain dance around a campfire at night. I listened to every word of a song as if I were singing the song myself. I imagined the expression on my face as I sang the words and became lost in a world of my own; so much that I closed my eyes and hummed along under my breath. I became captured in the moment and time stopped as my soul over flowed with fulfillment. I sang in the choir at church and school. Glorifying God with music makes my heart smile; makes me raise my hands in worship to Him. The piano begins each song and every ivory on the keyboard makes a feeling of total bliss settle on me. I see angels singing along with me and God looking down at His children as we turn our praise toward him. What if I couldn’t hear? My world would be strangely dim, for I couldn’t hear my favorite sounds. I thank God for the gift of hearing. Chills ran up my spine and tears streamed down my face and I knew, then, that I would forever be in love with music. 

I can’t read music that is written on paper. Playing an instrument is only a dream but, what I can do is open my heart, mind, and soul and let every note played take me to the forest, the campfire, and where ever my heart desires.


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