Today I witnessed a heart warming event; my husband and his brother played golf. You might think it’s a simple thing but, it’s not to me. 

As I drove the golf cart around the course, I watched the two brothers compete. During the competition, I heard them laugh together, encourage each other, and saw them hit their golf balls into trees (that was hilarious). It was a beautiful day for golf; the sun was shining, and there was not a cloud in the sky. I was the cheerleader, cheering them on and yelling, “Nice try” when they got discouraged with themselves.

My brother, sister, and I are not close. When both of our parents were gone, our relationships faded. It’s a sad thing when “blood” siblings have nothing to do with each other. I know sisters that talk on the phone everyday, go shopping together, and are best friends. I also know brothers and sisters that are involved in each others lives on a daily basis. 

I may not be the only person that doesn’t have a good relationship with their siblings. If you are in the same situation as me, don’t give up. Pray about it and God can make changes. As the years go by, things that have divided you will get farther and farther away. 

I am the oldest of three children and always expected to be the role model. At times I’m proud of what I’ve shown my brother and sister but at other times, I’m ashamed. I decided to take that weight off of my shoulders. Everyone is responsible for their own actions.

Whether you are the oldest, the middle child, or the  youngest, love your family and don’t hold them responsible for being human. Work together to help your parents if they are alive, spend time together, don’t take each other for granted. Be there to lift each other up when things are tough. Apologize for any unresolved issues. 

Take care of each other because one day you will wake up and realize time passed by too quickly. At the end of this life and the beginning of our lives in heaven, there is only love, so why not start practicing for eternity, now.Image


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