A Thorn in My Flesh

The Apostle Paul wrote in the Scriptures that he had a “thorn in his flesh”. Intensely, my mind wonders to what he meant by that. Could the “thorn” be a physical or, mental affliction?

I confess to you that I have Acrophobia, a fear of heights. For thirty years, this fear has devoured many things in my life; self confidence, fun, my time, etc…I call this my thorn.

Many bridges that I have encountered on trips are massive in height. This means, I went around them or didn’t go at all!!!! The only problem with this is that a huge bridge lies between my daughter and me. I live four hours north of her so I like to visit at least twice a month (I have grandchildren). The other day I was driving to see my daughter and I decided that I was tired of this thorn. Enough, I thought, so I drove right over that bridge with no problem.

The realization that the devil was at the root of this problem, made me cognizant of other thorns. Working on my mind to make it reject other lies, will take the rest of my life. It’s a good thing that God is my strength. If He can help me overcome a phobia that I’ve had for thirty years, in a split second, He can help you too.

You say that the thorn in your side has been there too long to be repaired. That is another lie of the enemy. Don’t listen to him. Discover what you need help with, ask God to help you, and drive right over that bridge!!!!


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