Blessings spring forth into our lives everyday. Some are plain to see and others, not so clear. Simple things such as a kiss or hug from my family makes me happy and I consider it a blessing. The figures on my bank statement look better this year than last and I’m terribly thankful for that, as I have lived paycheck to paycheck before and it’s scary. Blessings come in large capacity and small capacity. How we respond shows the worth of our blessings to us.

Blessings also hurt at times. Take a look at this scenario; I pray for a certain job and I don’t receive an offer. I feel down, as if I’m not good enough for the position in which I applied. In my heart I know that’s not the truth but the enemy will sure use it to annoy me. I fight the enemy off for a while until I get a better job. God knew that I wouldn’t like the job that I prayed for but, He allowed me to apply in an effort to exercise my faith in Him. God wants the best for His children, He wants us to have an abundant life. 

What I should have done was trust God when I didn’t get the first position and have faith that there must have been a reason that I didn’t get it. The reason appeared two weeks later in the form of a great career opportunity. I call that a blessing in disguise. Blessings in disguise happen in other areas of our life as well. We can rest in the fact that our Heavenly Father always has our best interest at heart. He wants the BEST for us, not SECOND BEST!

Simple things like waking up in the morning, we take for granted; however, there are others who didn’t have that chance. When we have dinner at night with our families, in a nice, dry, warm place, we think that is normal but, there is someone, somewhere who will go to bed hungry under a bridge. We need to begin recognizing our blessings and be thankful.

I took for granted, one night talking on the phone with my dad, that I would talk to him again the next night. That wasn’t the case. He was killed instantly in the truck that he drove at work, early the next morning. I never had the chance to tell him how much of a blessing he was to me. I know he is in heaven, though, so I will hold that thought until we meet again.Image


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