The Price of Priorities

Priorities change over the course of time. At least, mine have. What was important in my life 5 years ago, is not the same as now. I will list for you what they were in 2009:

1. God

2. Family

3. My relationship with my fiance’

4. Keeping my body in shape

5. My job

6. Dancing

7. Singing

That’s just a few things that I called important back then. As you can see, the listed items are not bad but, let’s examine what price I paid for them. My love for dancing and singing led me to bars. That was the only place that our line dancing class could go. Singing wasn’t always in bars, some restaurants offered karaoke to those that wanted to sing. I was keeping my body in shape not only for myself but also for my fiance’ so that he would still love me. My job became stressful because all I cared about was dancing and singing. I loved God but how could I go to bars on Saturday night and then to church on Sunday morning? This caused a strained on my relationship with God. But those are the things I wanted at that time.

Jesus paid a high price for all of us. He did this without compromising His integrity. Don’t miss understand, the Bible says that we are all sinners and fall short of the glory of God but, some of us have accepted God’s gift of love. However, this doesn’t mean that we will never do anything wrong. It means that we can ask forgiveness and try our best not to get into the same situation again.

Let’s see how my priorities have changed. I will list my first seven as of today:

1. God (Really, this time)

2. My family (I cherish every moment with them)

3. Writing to encourage or inspire others to become the best that they can be

4. Doing my best job at work

5. Acknowledging God’s glory in nature and photographing it

6. Living well, laughing often, and loving much

7. Taking care of myself (I had a heart attack 2 years ago so I HAVE to take good care of myself)

My priorities have changed quite a bit. Some may be similar and some the same but the way I refuse to take them for granted has changed. Take a close look at what you are striving for in life. It’s never too late to rearrange or even completely change your goals.

Dream big, reach for the stars, ask God for things that your heart desires but don’t pay the price of lost integrity or watered down faith.






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