How Much Does the World Weigh?

I rise from a peaceful sleep in the mornings and I feel refreshed and ready to take on another day. Then on other days, I wake up tired after a restful sleep. Why would I still feel worn out after sleeping at least 8 hours? I must have something on my mind from the day before that I haven’t let go of yet.

This happens to me often, I have no control over certain situations, most situations in life, yet I try to control them. I try to make all things good in every way. Let’s get real, we are all human and this is life on earth. Things of the day are not always going to be good. If you live for Christ, you can bet that you will have some kind of drama invade your life, most everyday – if not everyday. 

I often worry about my daughter and grand kids down south. I miss them and wonder what they are doing. My thoughts turn to, has my daughter’s migraines subsided? Is she forcing my grandson to take on too many extra curricular activities? Is my grandson tired of playing every sport? Does my granddaughter’s fan have to run all night while she’s sleeping even when its cool outside? Does my son- in- law take enough lunch to work? What business is this of mine and what can I do about it? I pray for them daily and that’s absolutely all that I can do, unless I move in with her and direct her every step, and I can tell you that she wouldn’t let that happen – she’s too much like her mother.

That is why the weight of the world rests on my shoulders many days. I try to control other peoples actions, thoughts, words, etc… What other people think is their business, not mine; once more, what they say and how they present themselves is not my business either. Whether I agree with my company’s decision to change locations or not, again, I can’t control it.

My latest lesson in life is to pray for what I can’t change and let go of what I can’t control. Easier said than done, right? It won’t happen unless I make a conscious effort to let it all go. No one needs the stress of everyone’s actions and words, nor other factors in the world that won’t amount to anything once life on this earth is gone.

So, let’s keep this in mind -breathe, relax those shoulders, roll your neck around and take yourself to your happy place inside your mind. This isn’t dress rehearsal for life, this is the only chance we get, so take those weights off and enjoy.



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