What Money Can’t Buy


I often wonder how my life would change if I inherited several million dollars. My closet would change because I would have lots of new shoes. As for as my life goes, I can’t think of big changes I would make. I can make a list of things that make me happy and money is not one of them.

1. The love of my Savior

2. The love of my family and friends

3. A beautiful day at the beach

4. Photographing things that remind me of post cards

5. Singing (Although I can’t do it well)

6. Dancing (It’s great exercise)

7. Laughing

8. Writing

Not one of these cost anything. I can do each of the items listed above without money. Paul said in the Scriptures that he knew how to have and to have not and be content in both situations. Just like Paul, I have been in both places in my life. I have been rich, money wise and I have been poor. At each time, I can remember happiness in my life. It started by counting my blessings and understanding that God has a plan for everyone, even me.

I spoke on the phone with both of my grandchildren last night, as well as my daughter. It didn’t cost me anything, it made me smile, and my heart was so warm and happy that God blessed me with these sweet voices. If I had a million dollars at that particular moment in time when I heard my grandson, who is ten and my granddaughter, who is three say, “I love you Meme”, I would tie it to a cement block and toss it in the ocean. You see, it takes precious moments like that to make my heart happy.


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