Angel Kiss


I had never heard the phrases “angel kiss” or “stork bite”. Apparently, if a baby is born with a spot on the back of its neck, it’s called a stork bite and if the spot is on the forehead, it’s called an angel kiss. When I heard it, I thought it was cute but, later I would witness if first hand.

If you have read my blogs before or been to my website, you know that I lost my sweet mother to colon cancer a few years ago. This tragic event had a terrible impact on my life. My mother’s illness and my daughter’s pregnancy came simultaneously. My daughter, Cecily, had a tough time while she was pregnant because of gestational diabetes. How I made it through both is only an act of our loving Savior.

As time passed and mother’s transition from earth to heaven drew near, the baby was reaching full term and waiting to see the world. I wanted my mom to hold her great grandchild before she died; however, her illness progressed quickly. Racing for a birth before a death, wrecked my mental stability. A month before the baby was due, mom reached a point where she slept all day, every day, with only brief periods in which she opened her eyes. I thought to my self, sadly, mom wouldn’t have known the baby was in the world even if it did come before she died.

Soon, mother went to be with the Lord and my world crumbled, for this precious lady was my safe harbor. She loved unconditionally and I had only felt this kind of love with Jesus. I tried as hard as I could to push my sadness to the side because there was a blessing from God on the way, a baby. The day finally arrived and my granddaughter was born. As quickly as I saw her, I saw the red spot on her forehead – it almost looked like lipstick. I heard a nurse say, “Look, she has an angel kiss.”  The nurses words intrigued me. I had to find out what that meant.

When the nurse told me the story of the angel kiss, my heart felt peace for a moment as I knew with all of my heart that my mom had seen her great granddaughter and, once-more, had given her a kiss.


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