A Baby’s Future

Often times, when a young, unwed girl becomes pregnant, the child is given up for adoption; or even worse, aborted. This makes me sad, even if a mother gives her baby up, it still leaves scares on both. I had my daughter when I was young and I can’t imagine life without her. My daughter, also, had her son at a young age and neither of us can imagine life without him.

I knew a lady who found out at the age of 50 years old that she was adopted by both parents. This news was hard for the lady to take. It changed her life in so many ways. The new found information left her feeling alone and longing to “find” herself. Although, the parents that raised her had been gone for years, she felt anger for them. She felt many different emotions, she said. There were questions that would never be answered. Unanswered questions are not conducive to a healthy emotional state because you don’t have closure.

Three months later, the lady petitioned the courts to have her adoption paperwork unsealed. She got what she wanted, the names of her biological parents. Her children helped her located her mother’s phone number through what is referred to as the “world wide web”. The phone call was made and it was her half sister that she spoke with. Seems, her mother had Alzheimers Disease and lived in a nursing home. After speaking with her sister, she planned a trip to visit with her mother in the nursing home. The lady accomplished her journey. She met her mother and although her mother was in a mentally altered state, she came to her mind for one brief moment and looked into her childs eyes and said, “Honey, I thought I was doing the best thing for you. I wanted you to have better.”  She then slipped back in a mentally altered state.

The lady went home feeling like she had gained some closure. She, also, stayed close with her half sister. They visited each other often and spoke on the phone frequently. A few weeks after the lady met her mother, the mother passed away. God has perfect timing, He allow her to meet the woman that gave birth to her. Now she had lost two mothers.

I’m so very thankful that a young, unwed girl decided to give that baby up and not abort the child because that child was my mother and I can’t imagine my life without her. I can hardly make it through a day without thinking about my mother now that she has gone home to be with the Lord as well.


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