A Stress Free Day

The sun is out, it’s a beautiful day. The dreary winter weather is gone and springtime is here. Birds are singing and flying all around, especially, the red birds. I love to look out of the back door and the first thing that I see is a red bird, eating from the bird feeder. Flowers are blooming everywhere and what a lovely subject of photography.

Work, daily chores, money, and numerous others bring stress into our lives. On any day, the stressors of life can build and build until we explode. We could, possibly, take it out on our family by coming home in a bad mood. Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, we may say to co-worker something that we have to apologize for later. Perhaps, we make a bad decision to enjoy the moment but, the next day is not so enjoyable.

We are all burdened with stress at some point or another. The affects can take a toll on us mentally and physically, only then do we realize, we must make changes that alleviate a portion of the strenuous activities that we endure. Whether it is exercising more or making peace with someone that annoys us, we cannot continue to be “stressed out”, all day, everyday.

Yesterday was medicine for my soul. I had a day fulled with sunshine, good friends and family, irresistible food, fishing, and an awesome view of a lake. The worries of the world faded away and left me with a feeling of overwhelming peace. What a way to spend the day after a long work week. If we don’t make time for it, it will never happen. The clock ticks too quickly for relaxing days to happen, naturally. We have to make the time.

When the time comes for the Good Lord to call His children home, none of the things that we stress over will matter. I can tell you this for a fact; for, when my sweet mother was dying, all that mattered was the precious moments of life that were spent.



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