Shut Up!

You know, the Bible says even a fool is considered wise if he keeps his mouth shut. I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time with keeping quiet when I should. My husband will confirm that statement. He says that he has to “bite his tongue” very often. I used to be known for speaking my mind but as I’ve gotten older, I realize that there is not a lot of advantages to that. If someone mentions that they don’t like my hair cut, what good would it do for me to say, “I don’t care what you like”?  Speaking like that will make me look like nothing less than a unkind person. It will also cause there to be strife between that person and myself. That’s just one example.

I have to be honest, people with haughty attitudes make me want to scream; nevertheless, we all have to deal with individuals like this from time to time. For some of you, it may be on a daily basis. It takes all I have within me to keep from lowering myself to that level if I come in contact with that attitude. After I pass the frustration phase, I try to analyze why they may have a bad attitude. Their life might be in a shambles at the moment and the only way they know how to act is rude. Often times, I can catch myself praying under my breath that I can deal with the situation and trying to put myself in their place. My kind words my be the only ones that they hear that day. Someone may be headed for disaster and instead of being upset with them when they give you attitude, repay them with pleasant discourse.

In my book, A Time to Keep and a Time to Throw Away, I wrote about the way I picture things in heaven. I think we will all have duties according to what our lives were like on earth. I go on to write that my sweet mother, who died of cancer, would be on the “Welcome to heaven” committee. Mother would wait at heavens gates and when God called a child home, she would take them to there mansion and get them all settled in after she had introduced them to Jesus. Thinking about myself, I would probably be in charge of duct tape. I would hand it out to people who have run their mouths too much while they were on earth. My mouth would be taped first.

You can never go wrong doing right. We are not responsible for anyone’s words or actions other than our own. So, this tells me that I have two ears and one mouth for a reason; to listen twice as much as I speak.


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