Smiling at My Kids

One of the things that I have learned in the past few years is that you have a different love for your grandchildren that you do for your children. You don’t love one more than the other, its just different. I haven’t figured that one out yet. My daughter, currently, lives 4 hours away from me. This is not easy; yet, life happens. In a perfect world, she would live in the same neighborhood. She is very independent and if I moved into her neighborhood, she would probably move out of it. No animosity, just independence.

My daughter is studying for her Bachelor of Science degree at this time so it’s mostly my husband and I that travel to see her. My arms, literally, ache sometimes just to hug her and my grandchildren. She married a good man so I enjoy visiting with all of them. I have 2 grand babies that know they can get almost anything they want from Meme. “Meme give me $10.” “Ok, that is no problem.” “Meme take me to the park.” “Get your shoes on and we are on the way.” Now, when my daughter was young and asked me to take her to the mall, my reaction was, “You have got to be kidding me.” After a long week at work, I only wanted to rest on Saturdays.

Now that the years have passed and my daughter has her own children, I do have regrets about the times I could have done things differently. I guess that is not an uncommon emotion for parents after their children are grown and have their own families. That doesn’t stop me from trying to do my best now. When I travel to see my kids, I always pray, just let me hear my daughter say, “Mom” just one time. Every time she does, it makes me smile. Just something as simple as that makes me smile. When my granddaughter says, “Meme, hold me”, my face lights up like the sun. My grandson will say, “Meme watch me while I play my video game.” My heart smiles bigger than the widest ocean. I don’t take these simple things for granted because I know that time goes by so quickly and soon they will have families of their own and may not have that much time for Meme anymore.Image



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