Decisions, Decisions!

Life doesn’t always happen the way we want it to; nevertheless, life happens. From time to time, we find ourselves going through a difficult season in our life. Let me give you some advice – some that I have learned the hard way. Do not make life altering changes while dealing with your situation.

Making a quick change without thoroughly thinking it through often causes more havoc than what we bargained for. I have found that if trouble comes my way, I want to make a change in my life to keep my mind from the current trouble I’m facing. It is natural to want to push our troubles away but that is not the right thing to do because afterwards, you have more than one difficult situation to deal with.

Often times, we may feel trapped in a life of instability, fear, and pain due to bad decision making on our part. Sometimes we don’t stop with one bad decision, we keep going to cover each consequence of a decision made in the mist of a storm. Believe me when I say, this is not a good place to be and extremely hard to recover from.

Life, also, has a way of changing – very quickly sometimes. My inspiration for today would be for you to wait out your storm. Scripture says that you may be mourning tonight but joy comes in the morning. (paraphrased) I encourage you to deal with any tragedy you may be facing with confidence that this one will soon pass and you will be on your journey through life again without carrying unnecessary baggage.


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