My new book, “A Time to Keep and a Time to Throw Away”, is an inspirational story about my mother’s battle with cancer. My prayer is that it will encourage and strengthen anyone who has ever suffered from a loss. You can find it on Ibooks, Nook, or Download it immediately and begin the journey that I took. If you choose to read it, please let me know what part inspired you.

Thank you.

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About lisarobertsbell

Life's journey brings seasons. Just like winter, summer, spring, and fall, we slip into a 'new normal' ever so quickly. When you find yourself saying, "We used to do this, we used to do that." Your normal is changing. Flow with it, and you will find contentment with God's help. God has given me a ministry and gift of inspiring others. If it's through a season of my life that I share with you, or an inspiring truth from God's Word, my prayer is that you take a piece of encouragement with you. Let me leave you with this; dream big and don't stop until you achieve that dream. God put the desire into your heart for some reason. Achieve it.
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